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Seasonal Limitation - Cherry Berry - CNY 2023

The season of cherries 🍒 is over, but lots of customer still miss it. We're considering what time call her back~

But don't worry, we're now launched the new member - Kyoho Grape Garden! 🍇

Femi’s Tea only makes natural healthy drinks, absolutely does not contain any jam saccharin, trans fatty acid. Choose health life and best taste. It’s best chance to order the healthiest beverage in Singapore.

📍6 Changi Business Park Ave 1, ESR Bizpark North Lobby, #01-23, 486017

WhatsApp 85880107 if needed We made all of our tea with fresh fruit, fresh milk, including all the fructose, pearls, fresh milk mochi, taro mash, grass jelly all made from handmade, and with zero additives.

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FREE DELIVERY for orders $60 and above

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